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Current trading performance: 2017 YTD


I have two main trading accounts: a retirement account and a non-retirement account. This year my non-retirement account shows profits of 160% from the beginning of the year and the retirement account shows 200% in profits from the beginning of the year. These are from options profits alone and do NOT count any new deposits I have made to these accounts. And, importantly, I have done this by only...

The Trader’s Journey


“The hero’s journey” is a powerful story structure that has been used by master storytellers throughout history.  I’ve noticed that traders go through a similar journey, starting with “first learning what trading is” is to “becoming a profitable and constantly-adapting trader”.  Here are the main events in what I will call The Trader’s Journey...

When you trade, YOU are in the driver’s seat (even if you are following someone else’s trades)


While learning new trades, many beginning traders turn to trade recommendation services. I believe there is nothing wrong with this, assuming 1) the trade idea being taught is profitable and 2) the student is actually learning how to find, execute and manage the trade so he can do it on his own in the future. But trading can be an extremely emotional challenge for the beginner. So much so, that...