The S&P 500, Federal Reserve stimulus programs and U.S. Presidential cycles since 2000

The S&P 500, the Fed and two-term presidents since 2000


No one knows where the market is going.  But we can all see where it’s been.  I’m not saying there is necessarily a causal relationship between U.S. stock prices and the following all occurring at the same time:

  1. The departure of a two-term U.S. President
  2. A shift in the White House from one party to the other
  3. Various and unprecedented economic stimulus actions, carried out or made possible by the Federal Reserve

However, given the current world economic, political, etc. status of the United States in 2017, it seems like we might have a bit of a setup taking place.

Welcome, and a few words

Starting a series of articles about my path in trading is like trying to create a journal, retroactively, about “my life up until today” or “music” or “how to have meaningful relationships with others”.  It is a very broad topic.  However, like most broad topics worth exploring, documenting and sharing, it can be done one paragraph at a time.  This is an experiment for me, as I have not ever written a blog before, or educational articles.

I have benefited so much from others writing down and sharing what they have learned, what they have experienced, what they are thinking about, and links to the same from others.  I want to do the same, so I’ll start my work here.

Welcome to all of you and, wherever you are in your journey, I hope you find something here that is helpful.  However, I will offer a powerful disclaimer that I will repeat throughout my writings here: Trading is a very risky and, therefore, very emotional endeavor.  We all have different psychological make-ups, different emotional baggage, different levels of skill and experience, different financial situations, etc.  With these articles, I am sharing some things that have worked (or not worked) for ME.  This does not mean they will work (or not work) for YOU.  Everyone trades at his/her own risk.  Risk may lead to reward and it may lead to loss.

In trading, never forget you are 100% responsible for these things:

  1. Whether or not to play the game
  2. How much you will risk
  3. When to start playing and when to stop playing

When you take responsibility for your own actions you embark on the road to self-improvement, personal growth and awareness.  Who knows what you’ll find?

To the journey,
Todd Gill